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Booze Traveler

We have developed the concept for Booze Traveler with Jack Maxwell, a top-rating adventure travel show currently in its 3rd season on Travel Channel. In 2016, the show expanded to include a spin-off titled Best Bars

Night Traveler

This exciting travel concept follows avid adventurer and NatGeo host Marsh Mokhtari around the world in search of unique travel experiences that happen after the sun goes down.

Looting Wars

Katie Paul is a Tomb Saver of new generation on a global quest to save cultural heritage from looters and terrorists. The invisible war is raging on and the future of humanity depends on who wins the Looting Wars.

American Dreamers

No matter where in America you live, your daily life is impacted by something that was created by an immigrant turned American citizen. This docu-series focuses on incredible stories of immigrant Americans who have shaped our culture.

Ariel & Mikayla

Among the 1.5 million transgender Americans these are the only father and son who have transitioned together to become mother and daughter, navigating the unknown terrain hand-in-hand and without fear.

Caramel Curves

When life throws you a curve – ride it in heels! Meet the rule-breaking boss ladies of New Orleans all-female motorcycle club who dominate the road with their skills, style and confidence.

Right 2 Ride

What’s the one thing in common between Mongolian nomads, a Mad Max-styled band of Russians and the last carriers of Samurai spirit in Japan? Motorcycles.

From Belarus With Love

What does America look like to a comic who grew up behind the Iron Curtain in the last European dictatorship? “Foreign” doesn’t begin to describe it.