Maria Bukhonina

Partner / Executive Producer

Traveling constantly, Maria is responsible for finding the most extraordinary characters around the world for White Reindeer to create the unique television content around. It’s a small world for Maria who speaks three languages and has produced content in over 35 countries. Nothing excites her more than digging deep for a story never told before about people whose stories shold be told. In 2016, Maria published her first book titled “Inspired! True Stories Behind Famous Art, Literature, Music and Film”. Before co-founding White Reindeer Productions, Maria excelled in international business management, advertising and marketing, spearheading an international ad agency in New York.


Deborah von Brod

Partner / Executive Producer

Deborah has spent over 20 years producing broadcast content in the various formats. After having a successful career on the corporate side of the television content development, Deborah became an independent producer to pursue the stories ranging from animal rescue to women in border patrol to celebrity lifestyles for her company DNA Films. Coming from Europe, having spent years in South America and living in the United States, Deborah is a global producer with a comprehensive network of contacts around the world, ranging from talent to production and distribution of the TV content. At White Reindeer Productions, Deborah manages the creative development as well as the distribution.